Downloading Files Via Sendplus

Downloading files

It is possible to download files from both the Library or Projects modules using Sendplus. When you are viewing an asset/file you will see options for downloading assets in different formats and one of the options is to download master using Sendplus. You’ll see a confirmation page within the Adstream Platform and depending on your computer’s settings a notification on your computer. The Sendplus application will launch and you can go to the transfers tab  to see the progress of your download.




You can also download project folders via Sendplus.  Simply navigate to the project folder you want to download hover over the folder and click the Screen_Shot_2018-05-08_at_16.02.50.png to reveal the options menu.  Then click download by Sendplus and the folder will be added to your Sendplus transfers, just as with an individual file




For additional help go to and click on support. Here you can find FAQs as well as a user guide and the system requirements.
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