Uploading Files Via Sendplus

Uploading files using the Sendplus Application

Once you've opened the Sendplus application click on the button in the toolbar on the left hand side to arrive at the Asset and Destination section. Then either drag and drop your files or click Add Files and navigate to the folder on your computer.



Next you need to choose where you want to send the file by clicking in the Send to field.

This will allow you to either;

  1. choose an option of Library or Projects from the "send to" drop down menu.
  2. Track the upload progress and view the details of your uploads.
  3. See your uploads in the Platform



Uploading files from within the Adstream Platform

  1. When you are logged into the Projects module of the Adstream platform and would like to upload a file, click the Upload button and choose Upload by Sendplus. Use the Sendplus to upload new files or new versions of existing files. Sendplus will automatically launch assigning the “send destination” to your current Project folder.
  2. Add the files by either drag and drop or click Add Files.
  3. Click the blue Send button. 


Multiple Uploads

If you want to upload multiple files simultaneously, with Sendplus you don't have to wait for one to finish before starting the second upload. Simply click on the button and follow the same process as before. To check the progress of your uploads click on the transfer icon where you can check the progress of both your incoming and outgoing files.

For additional help go to sendplus.com and click on support. Here you can find FAQs as well as a user guide and the system requirements.
If you can’t find what you’re looking for please email helpcentre@adstream.com{/s}.

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