Introduction to Sendplus

About Sendplus

Sendplus is a fast, efficient, accelerated file transfer system for the Production community. Use Sendplus to securely send content to anywhere in the world, from anywhere, fast. There are no complex servers to install. Just sign-up, install and start sending.

Installing Sendplus

To install Sendplus, just visit the Sendplus 
website and click download Sendplus in the top right. Choose Mac or Windows and follow the instructions to install.

Signing In

Once you’ve installed Sendplus, open it up and enter the email address and password that you were provided by Adstream.

If you have any problems logging in for the first time try resetting your password. If you are still having problems please contact your local Adstream office.

Once you have installed Sendplus, you can use it to send or receive any file size you like. You can launch Sendplus from your Applications folder, or by navigating to a Folder in a Project within the Adstream platform and choosing Upload by Sendplus from the upload button.

For additional help go to and click on support. Here you can find FAQs as well as a user guide and the system requirements. If you can’t find what you’re looking for please email

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