Classic Library - Overview

The Library module is where completed assets are kept. Your assets can be organised into collections so that it is easy to find them again. From the Library it is easy to send an asset for delivery. You can share assets with people internally or outside your organisation, either as indivdual files or as a completely branded professional looking presentation.

Viewing Collections

When logged into the platform you can see all the Adstream modules available to you in the bar at the top of the screen. When you click on the Library one then you’ll see all of your assets.

Your assets can be arranged in collections and you may already have some collections already set up. You can see all of your existing collections in the sidebar . Collections are a lot like folders on a computer but with a significant advantage, every time you upload a new asset that is tagged with that collection’s criteria in this case “chocolate” it will automatically appear in this collection.

 Using Filters

Near the top of the Library window is the filters bar (above), there are seven simple filters based on media type from left to right they are image, audio, video, print, digital, document and other. By turning a filter on you then only see assets of that media type.

Viewing Assets

When clicking on an asset you can view a preview of it and playback videos.  Below the preview there are different tabs such as actitivites and usage rights. In the Info Tab which you willl be on by default you can see all the metadata related to that asset.  Use the  button to alter that metadata or use the links at the side to download your asset in different formats.

The Library Module is a powerful tool for organising and storing your Assets in the cloud, when logged into our Help Centre you can view the rest of the articles in this category to find out more.
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