Q: What are your minimum system requirements?

Browser Requirements

Adstream Platform is compatible with the two latest versions of the following browsers:

Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Edge. 

Please note that Microsoft has dropped support for Internet Explorer so we cannot guarantee compatibility.  

 The Adstream Platform can additionally be used on the most up to date versions of Android and iOS browsers, however, access to certain features might be limited.

The Annotations feature is not fully supported by Firefox, which can lead to limitations when using the 'full-screen mode'.

What is the Recommended Screen Resolution?

The ideal minimum resolution is 1024 x 768. This is standard for current websites and web solutions. The system will run at a lower resolution, but with differing results.

What are the bandwidth requirements?

This is dependent on the size of the files you will be moving in and out of the system. The large the files are the more bandwidth intensive it will be.

To calculate the length of time required to transfer a file of a certain size please refer to an online bandwidth calculator. An example can be found on http://www.databarracks.com/support/bandwidth-calculator/

Also relevant are your networks policies that may have been put in place for throttling bandwidth for given applications. Whilst this may slow the transfer of files in and out of the Adbank system they also allow for the internet connection to function effectively for non-system users if large files are being transferred.

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