Frame Grabber

Creating Frame Grabs from Projects

The frame grabber tool allows you to quickly create high-quality still images from your video assets.

Once you have opened a file, navigate to the Frames tab underneath the file.


Use the Capture Frame button to open the Frame grabber interface.

From here, you can use the transport controls  at the bottom to find the frame you want, use the  to fine tune the selection by going back or forward frame by frame.

Once you’ve located the frame you want click the  icon. Ticking the 300dpi option before capturing a frame will save a larger frame size of your Proxy file.


Creating Master Frames and More

Ticking the ‘Capture from master’ checkbox before capturing a frame will allow you to directly generate master resolution frames. The new frames created will be saved under the Master frames section.

You must choose between the ‘300 DPI’ option or the ‘Capture from master’ option when generating a frame, both may not be selected at the same time.

Another way to create master frames

Once proxy frames have been captured, they can be found in the Frames tab, underneath the main preview. From here, you can select them and use the Create Master button to create frames captured from the high-quality master video file, instead of the proxy file.


After confirming this process, the system will take a moment to generate the files, don't navigate away from this page whilst this is happening.

Alongside the creation of master frames, you can also edit, delete or download frames by hovering over them.

You can also remove any duplicate frames here by clicking Remove duplicates.

Upload offline stills

You can also manually upload frames to a video file. Click the ‘Upload Frames’ button to get started. From the uploader, you can select to upload any frame as long as it is of an image format.

When the frame is uploaded it will be added under a new uploads section below the proxy and master frames section. The frame title displayed on the screen will be the same as the title of the still you have uploaded.

When you hover over the newly uploaded frame you can see the same options as for a proxy frame or master frames. Which is to edit frame, download frame, and remove frame.


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