Project User Roles

When adding a user to your project team you have to choose a role for them. A role has a pre-defined group of permissions that define how a user can interact with a project. Adstream comes with some default roles, however when your account was set up additional roles may have been added specific to your business’s needs.

In the below table you can see what the default roles are, for more information about your account set-up please talk to your account admin.

Roles Summary of Functionality

Project owners can be thought of as the project administrator and therefore have complete access to the project.

They can:
  • Create, add, edit, share, delete all files
  • Create, add, edit, share, delete all folders
  • Add, edit, and delete comments
  • Edit the project info

This user can perform actions on their own files but can’t affect other files in the project.

They can:
  • Upload and download any project file within the folder(s) they have been granted access to
  • Delete, copy and move files they’ve uploaded
  • Send their files to the Library or for approval
They can’t:
  • Upload new versions
  • Delete or move assets that were uploaded by others
  • Edit the project info
  • View, Upload and download project files in the folder(s) they have been granted access to
  • View and comment on files in the folder(s) they have been granted access to
They can't:
  • Affect the files in any way
  • Download files

In addition, it is possible to pre-define the sharing permissions for project roles. For further information, please also read Sharing Permissions for Project Roles

Guest User

If you need to share folders for uploading and downloading content with contacts who are not users of your Adstream Platform account (e.g post-houses that do not perform ordering) they can be invited to create a guest account. These users can be given any of the roles listed above but they cannot be given permission to create new projects or do anything in the Adstream Platform outside of the project(s) they have been given access to.

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