The Activity Tab


Every action that takes place on the Adstream Platform is recorded and you can view these actions for individual assets via the Activities Tab this is a useful tool for seeing how your assets are being used. 

Viewing Activities

When viewing an asset click the activities tab just below the asset viewer. This will show you a list of all the activity on this asset. It may be that this list is very long, to make it clearer you can filter the asset by action type and/or user.

  1. At the top of the list there is a drop down Action field click All and then select
    the action type you want to view
  2. If you want to filter it futher by a single user type their name in the box to the right.
  3. Click  .
  4. You’ll now see only activity of this action type.

To view all the actions of a single user:

  1. leave the action drop down on all.
  2. Type the user’s name
  3. Click  .


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