Creating a Project Template

If you find yourself creating numerous projects with the same settings each time then setting up a Project Template could greatly increase your productivity. By choosing these settings just once and inputting them into a Project Template you can skip a large portion of the project creation process.

Create a Project Template

  1. Open the Projects Module by clicking Projects in the navigation bar at the top of the screen.
  2. Then open the Templates tab and click the Create a new Template button.
  3. In the following dialog box fill in all the relevant information (remembering to input info into the mandatory fields marked by the *) and then click Save.

Create a Project from a Template

Once you have created your template you can begin to use it when creating new projects in two ways:

From a new project

When creating a new project, as detailed in Creating a New Project, you simply choose the template from the drop down menu after clicking the New Project button in the projects module.

From the Templates tab

Alternatively, you can navigate to the Templates tab of the Projects module and click Use Template next to the template of your choice.

In both of these cases you will then need to fill out the rest of the information required in the project creation dialog box and once you're done, click Save.

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