Creating a New Project

To create a new project you have two options:

  1. Click the Projects button in the nav bar at the top of the screen and then click the New Project button.
  2. Click Start new project from the dashboard.

You must then fill out the New Project form as seen here.

If you have created a template{{Project Templates}} you can select it from the dropdown at the top; using the checkboxes that appear you can select whether you use the folders, teams or any files that are stored with the template.

Any fields with a * must filled out. The information you add here will be added as metadata onto the files within your project.

As the Project’s creator you will automatically become an administrator, meaning you have complete access to edit the project how you wish. Furthermore, at the bottom of the form you can add any additional administrators you require.

When creating a new project Publish Immediately is checked by default, which means that the users you have set up above will be able to access it, and all its content, straight away. If you want to set up the folder structure and upload files before sharing the project then uncheck this.

Clicking Save will take you to your new project's overview page.

If you've decided to make some adjustments before publishing your project you can do that now and when you're ready, return to this overview page to publish.

When you click the Publish button a new window will open giving you the option of whether to notify the Project team to inform them they now have access to the Project.

If you do choose to Notify them use the text box to add a personal message.  Clicking either option will immediately allow access to the team you've specified.

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