The More Menu

The more tab allows you to quickly perform actions with single or multiple files. When you have one or more assets selected click the more button which is in the top right of the Library Module and you’ll see you have a number of available actions.


Send to Delivery - Will create a new order with the assets you selected.

Edit Selected One by One - This allows you to quickly edit the individual metadata of your assets. It shows a preview of the asset your on and you can change the metadata fields as desired and then click next to move on to another asset you have selected. When you have finished editing click Save all and Close

Edit all selected - This will change the metadata that is common between the assets, on all the assets simultaneously. For example if you want to change the brand that all the selected assets are associated with. The tabs at the top give more specific metadata based on file type but will still change metadata on all the files selected of that type.


Edit Usage Rights - Use the tabs at the top to select which type of usage right you want to edit. You can add as many of each type as you need by clicking the + at the bottom of the screen.

Change Media Type - The Adstream Platform will recognise the media type from the file type you upload. For example if you upload a .mov the Platform will know that this is a movie; however a photoshop document could be a print or a digital asset.  Just choose the type you need from the dropdown list and click save.


Remove - Clicking this will delete the asset from your Library you will see a confirmation box ensuring that you do want to do this.

Link to existing - This allows you to connect two or more assets that are related in someway. Search for the asset(s) you want to relate this to, and then tick the box next to each asset you want to relate, you can do as many searchs and select as many assets as you need, you can see what you’ve already chosen by clicking selected assets. Once you’re happy with your selection click Save

 Send to Delivery{nav} Edit all Selected{nav} Edit usage rights{nav}  Change Media Type{nav}Remove{nav}Link to Existing{nav}

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