One Delivery: Who is supplying the media?


Set Default uploader to always populate with the same email(s) 


This feature is to help users that always have the same person or team uploading files to Media Manager.  The user will be able to navigate to their delivery settings and enter multiple email addresses. The chosen email(s) will then automatically populate the Who is supplying the media field when they place their order.


Steps to set up

  1. When placing a new Delivery order there is a box called Who is supplying the media?  The email entered in here will be the person that receives an upload request and link to Media Manager


  1. To have this field populated by default, we need to head to Settings  in the top right menu, where the profile picture is.


  1. Head to Delivery Settings and you will now see a new box called Default Media Suppliers.  Enter in there the required email address(es) and click Save.


  1. Head back to Delivery > TV & IPTV  and select New Order.   A new order will appear and you will be taken to the opening page.  You will now see that the  Who is supplying the Media field is populated with the email(s) from the delivery settings.


  1. You can add/remove this email address or click on the box I’ll be uploading or selecting from my Library or Projects area.  To add in the current user email. 

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