Uploading & Previewing HTML5 Banners

Previewing a HTML5 Banner

The Adstream Platform has the ability to preview HTML 5 Banners. When you go to a banner ad either in Projects or Library, you’ll see a still frame of the banner.


Above the still frame there is a link Click here to open live preview. This will open a new tab where you can see the Banner with all the animations how it would appear on a website. There is a replayIcon.png replay option in the top left corner so you can preview the animation again.

Preparing a Banner so it can be previewed

All that’s required is that you create a zip package of the folder containing all your banner resources, with the index.html in the main (root) folder. Then upload this zip.

Uploading Files

To upload any file into a Project (including your zipped banner content):

  1. Open the project you want to the upload files to.
  2. Click on Files from the row of tabs at the top, then click Upload and choose whether you want to upload by sendplus{/s}.
  3. If you don't, choosing upload will open a new window onto which you can drag and drop your required assets.
  4. You can also use your computer’s file picker to select all the files you need by clicking Add Files.
  5. If you’ve made a mistake you can use the X to remove the asset from the list of files to be uploaded.
  6. Once you’ve got all the assets you need in the list click Start Upload and your progress will be tracked in the bar below.
  7. You can cancel the upload by clicking the  button.
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