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Will we be able to customise the system to our requirements?

Aside from general customisations such as customised branding (logos, colours), the system will also allow for customised workflows to support the way your organisation works (Q2 2013). Please contact for any further questions you may have.

Are you able to integrate with 3rd party systems?

The platform follows an SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) enterprise design pattern where all system functionality is available via secure REST APIs. We have built all of our applications decoupled from the services that provide data to the apps. This design paradigm opens the door for 3rd party systems to federate data with, when we finish packaging these APIs for external consumption.

How does your solution manage workflows across multiple time zones?

Time zones can be set at organisation level (so offices across the world can have different time zones set), but also browser settings can be accessed for use with individuals. This means approvals and comments and other data can be recorded locally and also displayed in the local time zone of the user viewing the system.

What languages do you support?

Yes. The Adstream Platform offers multiple language capabilities. It is immediately available in English with support for Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Polish, Tai, Turkish and Chinese (simplified). Additional language translations can be prioritised by our team based on client requirements.

Where is the Adstream Platform hosted?

The Adstream Platform is a collection of subsystems.

Persistent Metadata – Asset, Projects, Libraries, Search Indices etc. are stored on the Amazon Cloud with redundancies across multiple Amazon regions.

Global Distribution Network – File Storage and Transcoding is distributed across multiple environments (Office, Data-Center, Cloud) including client preferred locations (firewall access required) across the globe.

Desktop Application – integrates with the above. 

Do you support Single Sign On?

We have a common single sign-on facility for all Adstream applications that can be federated with 3rd party SSO using industry standard OASIS protocols (SAML 2.0).

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