The Adsend Lookup Widget

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System Requirements

The minimum system requirements for the Adsend Lookup Widget are macOS 10.11+ (the widget is for Mac use only).

Installing the Widget

To install the Adsend Lookup Widget simply download the .dmg file of the latest version of the widget from the Adsend dashboard page. After logging in, follow the instructions to download the widget from the dashboard.

Once downloaded, open the .dmg file and drag the green Adsend icon into the Applications folder on your Mac.

Then, once saved in your Applications folder, open the Adsend Lookup application to view the summary window explaining minimum system requirements, how to activate the widget and how to uninstall.

Activating the Widget

  • Click the Notification Centre icon, in the top right-hand corner of the menu bar.
  • In the Today view of the Notification Center, click the New or Edit button at the bottom.
  • Click the green + sign appearing next to the Adsend Lookup icon in the list of available widgets to add it to your Today view.
  • Once the Adsend Lookup widget is added, click the information (i) icon, enter your Adsend login details and press Save.

Uninstalling the Widget

  • To completely remove the widget, move the application to the Trash and the widget will be removed on the next restart.
  • If you just want to hide the widget from the Notification Centre, click Edit in the Today view. Then click (-) on the Adsend widget to remove from your Today view.


Q) Is it the same as dashboard widget?
A) It is the same principle but the Adsend Lookup widget is only offered within the Notification center as this is what is being currently available from Apple.

Q) Can I install on several desktops?
A) Absolutely, once installed you only need to sign in using valid credentials.

Q) Does it run on Windows?
A) No currently the Adsend widget only runs on macOS devices.

Q) Will it be ever offered for Windows desktop?
A) The windows version could be proposed eventually. Please register your interest in order to get it prioritised accordingly.


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