How do I tell if the Ink-Weight is too high?

There are a few ways to do this. In Adobe InDesign:

  • Ensure you have your file open.
  • Click on the Window drop down menu.
  • Select Output, then Separations Preview.
  • Under the drop-down for View in the Separations Preview pane, select Ink Limit to view the ink weight for each colour, as well as the total ink weight.
  • Check the ink weight against the specifications of the publication you are sending to.

This applies if you are using Acrobat Professional.

  • Double click on the PDF which you have uploaded to Adsend.
  • Go to Advanced menu / Print Production / Output Preview.
  • Select the ‘Total Area Coverage’ tick box.
  • Select the ink weight limit (e.g. 230% or 240%, it will be stated on your ‘File report’ under the ‘TAC - Over Ink weight’ Subheading).
  • The areas highlighted in bright green are over ink weight.


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