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My ad is the right size. Why is it still failing preflight?

Generally if your ad fails validation due to a Size Error, it will be 1 of 2 issues.

  1. Your ad has been created in the wrong size.
    For example, if you upload a 400mm x 275mm file against a booked Advertisement sized at 380mm x 262 mm.

  2. Your artwork has been created with incorrect Bounding Boxes.
    You can avoid this problem by setting up the document using the correct parameters when creating a new file.

  1. Your ad is the correct size, but the file does not contain bounding boxes. Bounding boxes are indicated by thin coloured lines that appear on your PDF in Adobe Acrobat Professional, indicating document size and bleed size. Without these bounding boxes, Adsend cannot measure your file dimensions.

    Bounding boxes can be erased due to various reasons, including;
  • The artwork was saved as an EPS and dropped into Distiller
  • The artwork was exported from Illustrator/InDesign, without the bleed added into the document setup
  • The artwork was created in Photoshop, which does not have to ability to create these bounding boxes

  • Please refer back to the¬†specifications link to find out all your publications requirements

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