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How do I use Adsend Press Conversion?

  • Log onto the website  and type in the username and password that was given to you via the welcome email.
    (Note a page will appear to approve terms and conditions, this must be ticked to continue)

  • Once logged into the website, click the Create Job tab at the top of the page to start the ad delivery process as per normal.

  • Create job.jpg

  • Fill in the Job Ticket information and scroll down the Extra Services section.

  • To activate Press Conversion for this delivery, ensure you agree with the Conversion Terms & Conditions, then check the

  • Select your file, then click the Save and Validate button to start the upload process.PC & SAVE.jpg


  • Adsend will then show the status of your Job, as the system transitions from Testing > Converting > finally Testing the converted file again.


  • Once the process is complete, click  on the Click to Continue status.

Step 2: Review and Approve Bookings

  • The Approval stage starts with a File Report This allows you to access the tools you need to approve of the Press Conversion.
    You need to proof and approve of the converted file before proceeding to delivery.
  • Click the Approve button next to Conversion Approval to access the Comparison Tool. 

  • The Comparison Tool allows you to check your converted PDF file against the original, and ensure you are happy with the results of the conversion

The interface displays the ad on the main panel, while the panel on the right hand side contains key information about the ad, including the Trim, Type and Bleed sizes, the Job ID, filename, the destination publication, the size of the section, as well as the insertion date.
Various interactive tools are also These are:

  1. Original checkbox: uncheck this checkbox and the display panel will show the converted ad. Check it to view the original file

  1. Approve and back buttons: the approve button cannot be clicked unless you check the box to accept the terms and conditions. You can also click Back to return to the previous report screen

  1. Zoom & guide: change the display of the ad: zoom in at various magnifications, and elect to show or hide the guides

  1. View PDF Press Conversion button: click this to show both the original and converted PDF in the browser

  • Clicking the View PDF Press Conversion button will pop up a new window which loads the high resolution original and converted PDFs in a tiled You can zoom in on areas to examine them in detail, as well as download the files for viewing


  • Once you have examined and approved of the changes, click on the checkbox for "Accept the terms and conditions" after you have read them, then click the Approve button to continue

As an additional layer of security, Adsend will then pop up a window, prompting you to enter your initials to confirm approval.

Enter your initials and click OK to continue to delivery.

Step 3: Delivery

  • Having approved the Press Converted file, your ad is now ready for dispatch. The File Report screen will allow you to continue to delivery.

    Click the "Continue & Deliver" button to send the file to its final destination.

  • Adsend will return you to the Manage Jobs screen, where the Status of the job will proceed from "Sending" to "Sent" to "Received", which indicates that the publisher has confirmed the delivery

Congratulations! You have successfully delivered through Adsend with the Press Conversion feature activated.

If you duplicate this approach for deliveries of the other ads in the same campaign, Press Conversion will ensure predictable print results across multiple target publications.


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