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How do I create a PDF directly through InDesign?

  • With your InDesign file open, go to ‘File’ menu --> ‘Export’.
  • From the ‘Format’ dropdown menu, select ‘Adobe PDF (print)’.
  • Save your file.
  • ‘Export Adobe PDF’ dialog box now opens up.
  • From ‘Adobe PDF Preset’ (the topmost) dropdown menu, select ‘PDF/x: 1a 2001’.
  • From ‘Standard’ dropdown menu, select ‘PDF/x: 1a 2001’.
  • The ‘Compatibility’ dialog box will now show ‘Acrobat 4 (PDF 1.3)’
  • In the ‘Marks and bleeds’ subtab, select cropmarks and bleed options (only if they are required for your ad).
  • If they aren’t, ensure that no boxes are checked in this subtab.
  • Under the ‘Output’ tab, select ‘no color conversion’ from the ‘Color Conversion’ dropdown menu.
  • In the ‘Advanced’ subtab, ensure that the ‘Preset’ is set to ‘High Resolution’ under ‘Transparency Flattener’.
  • Do remember to save this as a preset by hitting ‘Save Preset’. 
  • After that, hit ‘Export’ and re-upload the file again.

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