How to create a job ticket and deliver ad?

At the Create Job Ticket dashboard, complete the following fields:

Delivery Mode

  • Select delivery to Deliver to single destination, or Deliver to multiple Destinations.



  • Select the country.


  • Select the publication you wish to send to. Type in part, or all of the publication’s name and select it from the drop down menu.



  • Select the section in which your advert will appear within the publication, from the drop down menu.


Booking Number

  • Enter the Booking Number.


The Booking Number is given to you by the booking agency when you book advertising space in the publication. Some publications mandate booking numbers, while others don’t. Adsend recommends always using your booking number if you have one available.

Publication Contact

  • Select the Publication Contact from the drop down menu it may not always be mandatory to select it, ie sometimes the publication contact is locked down. This is the Publisher’s contact who will be notified that your advert has been sent.



  • Select the size of the advert as it will appear in the publication.



  • Select the option that you have booked. e.g. if your advert is full colour CMYK.


Insert Date

  • Add the Date on which your advert will be appearing in the publication.



  • If you are re-supplying material, select Yes, this is a replacement file. On the new version,add (i.e. 2,3,4 etc) to the filename and include in the comments that it is replacement material. The publisher will then know to reject the material that is being replaced, and put in the comments field that it is rejected due to replacement material.



  • Enter the Client Name which you are advertising for.
  • Campaign, Ad Key No and Comment fields are not mandatory, but can be useful in your own record keeping.
  • The Comments field can be helpful in relaying messages on to the publisher.


Save Options

  • Choose File; Select the file you intend to upload/validate and send via Adsend.
  • You may also choose to save just the job details by clicking "Save," and then you can add a file/PDF attachment later.


  • Once you have completed your job ticket, hit the Save button and Adsend will begin to validate your file.


  • Once your file has been validated the status will change from Ready to Click to continue, in your Manage Jobs Tab.


  • Click the link and approve any changes necessary, use the preview button to review your PDF or you can use the Job Ticket function as part of your approval process.
  • Click the Continue & Deliver button to send to the publisher.


  • The status in your manage jobs page will change to Sent.
  • When the publisher downloads the file the status will change to Received and then accepted if your ad meets all the publisher’s requirements.



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